‘Best Party Ever’ Long Sleeve XS ONLY


The whole Best Party Ever thing actually started at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe. It was a struggle the first year, no one knew what it was, I was busking on street corners trying to get people to come. The venue was a tiny, incredibly sweaty university nightclub. But fortunately word got around and by the final shows of the last week it was sold out. The final show was very emotional, and at the end the crowd chanted ‘BEST PARTY EVER’ and I cried and made it my slogan. Then cut to 2018 and I’m doing a gig in Boston to literally 10s of people and a friend of my US agent gives a drunken rant about how the “best thing ever” is “so tired and played out.” Sidebar: I stopped touring the US soon after. Great food, lovely people, tough place to crack when you only go there for two weekends a year.

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