Old School Run DMC Shirt

The shirt that started it all!!! Can’t believe we found some of these. Be warned there is literally only like 20 of these, so stop reading and click buy before someone else does. But here’s my anecdote about them: At my first Edinburgh Fringe in 2012 I didn’t have any merch to sell. (I barely had any money for food or accomodation, but that’s another story.) However before the general public discovered Hot Dub, all the staff working at the festival discovered it, including a pair of very identical twin brothers who ran the late night crepe van out the front. Being smart, handsome lads, and good capitalists, as the audience numbers grew, they saw a gap in the market and made their own Hot Dub Run DMC shirt which they sold from the crepe van. I very thrilled by this and sent everyone there after the show for a delicious treat and some bootlegged merch. They made a buck and I got a career as a DJ. Good times! (Hi Mark and John!)

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